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420 HOT Chili Sauce Silicone Water Pipe Bong

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Sriracha Hot Sauce Silicone Bong
Part Number: WP-201
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Love hot sauce? YES!!
This water pipe bong is made out of high grade platinum silicone, that is designed to resemble a world famous hot sauce bottle. It makes for a great delight at gatherings and parties to Show off. It stands only 5 inches tall, which makes it easily portable. This item is mainly red with a green mouth piece tip, which can be removed to make cleaning this entire piece easy and fast. The front of the bottle has "420 Hot chili sauce" writing in white color to stand out. This bong comes complete with a 14mm male glass bowl which fits perfectly.
Has the option to get a quartz banger instead of a glass bowl at no additional cost.

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