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Carb caps are available in titanium, ceramic or quartz. Carb caps are available in different sizes and, they are very useful in many ways. The primary use of a carb cap is to cover domeless nail bowl to prevent the smoke from releasing, after you take a dab simply use the carb cap tool and place it on top of the bowl to cover it. Another function of carb caps is they can be used as dabbers. Most carb caps come with a thin handle which is attached to it, some are longer than others. Use the opposite side of the cap which is the pointy side as a dabber tool and a handle.
Carb caps are very a useful tool for dabbing. Almost every dab you take will lose some smoke or even a lot of smoke because there is nothing to cover and keep the smoke from releasing. That is where the dab tool, carb caps comes in. Use carb caps to cover the source of smoke and prevent the heat and smoke from rising and being lost.
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Universal 14 & 19mm Titanium Carb Cap | Dabber
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